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Escape Game "The High Secret"

My family lives in the valley and has worked for generations at the château.

I take care of the animals on the estate.

No one in the village understands what's going on here...

Despite the end of the war, the château is closed. We have had no news of the Earl and Countess since June 1944. All the servants have left since that day.

Firmin, the old gardener is the only one left. He loves his flowers so much. Not convenient, he jealously watches over the château and drives away overly curious intruders with a shotgun!

I dare not disobey him and enter the chateau without his consent. But he doesn't know you. Even if he surprised you, you could pretend that you were hiking in the valley and that you got lost.


Marzac holds a heavy secret and I am convinced that it is our duty to help you unlock it!

Come on now, you don't have a minute to lose, Firmin won't be long and can be back from the village any minute now.

Goal of the game

An Escape-Game course over the entire château furnished from the attic to the seller. 

Take on a double challenge: trying to enter the chateau then succeed in getting out.

Secrets passages and hidden rooms, mechanisms, codes to drill, disturbing whispers, clues to collect will spice up the difficulty of the mission entrusted to you.

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Team spirit

This Château-Escape Game is a challenge to be taken up with family or friends in teams of 4 to 12 people.


Historic place

Immerse yourself in places steeped in incredible and timeless stories! We offer you another way to discover the castles.

Departure continuous and without compulsory reservation.

Game teams and classic visitors follow the same route with different information. 

Two levels of play are possible, child (from 4 years old) and adult, simultaneously on the same course. 

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Useful information

Hours of operation :

Every day in July-August from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

(last entry 5:30 p.m.)
​Booking is exclusively online
(payment online or on site atu choice)

Additional information: 

  • Opening of the car park 15min before opening

  • Last entry at 5:30 p.m.

  • Closing of the site at 7 p.m.

  • Mandatory online reservation
    (online or on-site payment of your choice) 

  • No stroller access

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