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Murder Party Adventure: "The Wolf Trail"

Murder in the Vézère Valley!

Summer 1932, the count of F, owner of the Château de Marzac and eminent member of the Historical and Archaeological Society of Périgord invited all his archaeologist and prehistorian friends. This team, which brings together the best names in this young discipline, has just made a discovery with worldwide repercussions: a Venus sculpted in a piece of quartz incomparable in its purity and size.


But the Venus de Marzac disappeared last night. A team member was found dead in the woods above the cliffs.

The famous Inspector Holmes of Scotland Yard on vacation at Les Eyzies will soon arrive at the request of his old friend the Earl.

But you were faster and you are the first to reach the crime scene!


Take the fingerprints, put the pieces of the puzzle together in this friendly match between France and England !

We are counting on you to be the best detectives!



Du 11 avril au 8 mai 2023.  

Escape Game "La Malédiction du Roi Midas"

Un Escape-Game sur l'ensemble du château meublé de la cave au grenier.

Relevez un double défi : essayer de pénétrer dans le château puis réussir à en sortir !  

Passages secrets et pièces cachées, mécanismes, codes à percer, murmures inquiétants, indices à collecter pimenteront la difficulté de la mission qui vous est confiée. 

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